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      Love Life, Love Skin! Proving best skincare products and beauty devices which use the latest technology and has remarkble anti-aging effect.

      A FEW YEARS AGO, I WENT TO A DINNER PARTY at the house of some close friends, Gael and Stephen, whom I had not seen in several months. When I saw Gael, my jaw dropped. There was a remarkable change in her. She looked ten years younger than the last time I had seen her and her face glowed with a healthy, youthful radiance.

      I examined her closely as we spoke. She definitely had not had a facelift. This was something deeper, something that came from a sense of wholeness in body and spirit, but on the surface her skin was as taut as a teenager’s, and her color was luminous.

      “Gael, what did you do?” I finally asked. “Did you go away to a spa for a few months or something? You look incredible!”

      She smiled. “I’ve just been seeing Shellie regularly.”

      That night I vowed to see Shellie regularly myself, and it has changed my life. As a New Yorker, whose skin is exposed to noxious elements every single day, and as a woman with five children and a very full life, I have tried every kind of bodywork, massage, scrub, facial, and decadent spa treatment ever invented. I love it all. They are all wonderful in their own way, and they can really take the edge off a hard week or soothe travel-ravaged skin.

      But nothing compares to what Shellie Goldstein does. She works from the inside out. She has something very few medical practitioners or aestheticians have, which is equal parts knowledge and intuition, framed by a kind, nurturing presence and delivered with absolute professionalism, patience, and respect. She is a remarkable person, even without her great skill, but it is her knowledge of what creates true health and real beauty that is so special, and her ability to lead people to their own highest potential in both vitality and appearance that is so valuable.

      Since beginning my work with Shellie (and it is work, a team effort of discovery and commitment), I have lost fifteen pounds off my body and ten years off my face. This is wonderful in itself, but the real payoff has been in the sense of well-being, the stabilization of hormone levels, and the energy increase I have experienced from the acupuncture, herbs, and her understanding of the most subtle energies of the body and how to capitalize on my individual strengths and mitigate my particular weaknesses.

      This is the medicine and beauty ritual of the future, the treatment that goes beyond the surface and can remedy the sources, instead of the symptoms, of premature aging and disease.

      Beauty is not skin deep. Beauty begins at the core of the person, and without genuine health it will deteriorate with age. Real beauty lasts a lifetime, and is the hallmark of vitality, strength, balance, and self-respect.

      Every session I have with Shellie is exquisitely designed for exactly where I am on that particular day, and the work seeks first to find that balance, whether physical or emotional, then to heal and capitalize on my own health and beauty potential. Every woman has an inner beauty that can be suppressed and diminished by the hundreds of stresses of modern life, or can be gently discovered, supported, and released to rise to the surface of her visage. Shellie frees the captive beauty that we all hold hostage within us.

      Catherine Deneuve once said that there comes a point in every woman’s life when she has to choose between her face and her derriere, because the maintenance required to keep both in top shape is just too much.

      I’m not sure this is true. Gravity and basic wear and tear are indeed immutable forces, but the energy field of a woman who knows herself and supports her intrinsic health and maximizes her beauty is a force of nature, and not entirely subject to gravity or time. I fully intend on keeping my face and my derriere in prime condition. But if forced to make a choice, I choose my face, and I’m turning it over to Shellie for safekeeping.

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